From the source

Our beef and pork are from retailer approved abattoirs. Most of our lamb is sourced from New Zealand, supplemented by British meat where requested.

Dedicated to quality

We maintain a short supply chain, getting our meat direct from the primary processor. This ensures we can trace each carcass back to the farm where the animal was reared.

About us

Precision processing

We machine and hand cut sliced, diced, strips and minced beef, lamb, pork and venison to precise specifications. Our skilled butchery team can produce fixed weight products to very tight tolerances. We can supply a wide variety of products – raw, marinated, cooked and cooked IQF – to suit customers’ specific requirements.

Who we are

We operate a multi-species processing plant with dedicated production lines. This allows us to process beef, lamb, pork and venison simultaneously but separately, to the same high quality standards.

Fresh thinking

We know that continual product development is key to our customers’ success. We work closely with our clients to identify and respond to their changing needs. While our facilities are equipped to handle major volumes, we remain flexible and we’re proud of the high level of service to customers throughout.

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