We source meats from the top UK and international suppliers, process them at our site in South Kirkby, Yorkshire, and supply them to the UK’s leading ready meal producers.
Yorkshire Premier Meats was set up over twenty years ago for this purpose and offers a short safe chain of supply.
The ingredients we supply to our customers are backed by full traceability and integrity.

New Zealand is the world leader in consistent, quality Lamb production and most of our Lamb is New Zealand sourced, with the addition of British Lamb when requested by our clients.
Our Beef is 100% British, from retailer approved abattoirs. The Danish are the world’s Pork experts and our Pork comes mostly from there (Danish Crown and Tulip), again with the addition of British Pork when requested by our clients.
Traceability is of paramount importance. We observe the principles of short chain supply, getting our meat direct from the abattoir. This ensures we can trace each carcass back to the farm where the animal was reared. We have excellent links with the farms where the animals are reared.

Our manufacturing plant at South Kirkby is a highly controlled environment. We work on a single species basis. This means that each species of animal is processed within its own dedicated area of the plant.
We machine and hand cut sliced, diced, strips and minced Beef, Lamb, Pork and Venison. We produce fixed-weight joints. We also marinate joints and sliced products on site. Our butchery team are highly skilled and can cut to very tight weigh tolerances. We can supply mince in sizes ranging from 3mm to 12mm.

We believe that continual product development is key to our success. We work closely with our major clients to identify and respond to their needs.
Our facilities are equipped to handle major volumes and we are proud of our high level of service to our customers.